Draft Planning Rule Framework – July 2010 concepts

Possible Planning Rule Framework -- Schematic This post will lay out the overall framework that we are considering for the structure of the rule as well as for land management planning. This new framework was designed to address key themes we heard during our collaborative efforts, as well as incorporate lessons from our history of land management and past rules. Since we intend to organize the rule around this new framework, we will really be looking... Read More

People and the Environment – July 2010 concepts

People and the environment—communities and their landscapes—are inseparable and interdependent. People throughout America depend on National Forest System (NFS system) lands including national forests, grasslands and prairies for innumerable values, ecosystem services and goods vital to the well-being of society.  Even those who live some distance from a national forest boundary, for example, benefit from the clean water, clean air, flood and... Read More