Video of national public forum available for download

      If you’d like to view some or all of the March 10, 2011, national public forum, you can now do so.  We’ve broken the day-long event into 3 files and provided links on the planning rule website. Here’s a direct link: Also, on that same page, you will find copies... Read More

National Forum occurred to discuss proposed planning rule and ask questions

UPDATE: The national forum occurred as planned on March 10th, 2011.  If you would like to view the slides presented that day, please go here: LINK: This link will take you to a webpage where you can choose a single download of the full presentation (6 MB) or any of the 6 smaller excerpts.  Each excerpt... Read More

Update on planning rule development — Nov 2010

We’ve been getting a number of inquiries as to when folks should expect to see the proposed planning rule published. As you know, we’ve been working hard to develop a science-based proposed rule that reflects the breadth of input gathered through more than 26,000 comments on the Notice of Intent, over 40 public meetings, and ongoing Tribal consultation. We had previously... Read More

A New Phase in the Planning Rule Development Process — Aug 2010

We’ve learned a tremendous amount through the input we’ve received on this blog and through the other public involvement we’ve had since the Notice of Intent (NOI) was issued last December.  We received over 26,000 written comments on the NOI, over 300 blog comments and have had over 40 public meetings attended by over 3000 people.  We’ve worked hard to get input from... Read More

Blog Welcome and Explanation of Posts

Welcome to the improved planning rule blog! We hope this new format will allow for even more dynamic conversation and discussion surrounding the 2011 planning rule. Our desire to create a new planning rule in an open, transparent and participatory way remains as strong as ever. The Obama Administration initiated an Open Government Initiative in January of 2009.   We are honored... Read More