Directions for the Fourth Roundtable — July 2010

The Fourth National Roundtable took place July 29-30 at the Renaissance Washington, DC Dupont Circle Hotel at 1143 New Hampshire Ave, NW in the New Hampshire Ballroom.  Online discussions also took place as part of the meeting.

5 Responses to “Directions for the Fourth Roundtable — July 2010”
  1. slucero says:

    The Forest Service must prioritize addressing and including tribal comments and concerns on the National Planning Rule in the draft planning rule. Tribal letters, comments, and responses should be delivered to the entire rule drafting team and incorporated early to all materials prepared. Also tribal rights cannot be solely relegated into one section of the rule or reviewed by only part of the rule drafting team; all sections of the planning rule address tribal rights, concerns and interest. Thus the entire Planning Rule must incorporate tribal comments.

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  2. Larry says:

    The conference setup for the on-line breakout is non-functional. Tried it in two different web browsers.

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  3. Shawn Mulford says:

    As I stated on May 3, 2010 at the National Tribal Conference. The proposed National Planning Rule did not address the concerns for Indigenous Peoples. At that time I proposed Rule #9 which is as follows:
    The 2011 National Planning Rule would in no way abrogate or diminish traditional land uses, whether that be for ceremonial practices, medicinal plant harvesting or traditional subsistence activities and that these rules would in no way infringe upon the rights of the Indigenous Peoples or with any treaty. Rather the Planning Rule shall promote, protect and enhance the Indigenous Peoples right to follow their way of life.

    As the original caretakers of this land it is imperative that the recommendations from Indigenous People be included in the 2011 National Planning Rule. The questions this morning regarding trust responsibility and consultation were not adquately answered.

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  4. LeRoy Booth says:

    Is the material being used available via a single link (PDF) download. And if so were?

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    • jcall says:

      No, they are not available as a single link, you have to download each one.

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