Discussions at the 4th National Roundtable — July 2010

Discussion materials for the Fourth Roundtable were posted from July 29th to August 9th.  The materials included preliminary recommendations by the planning rule team as of 7/28/10.  The planning rule team is now using the feedback we received on the rule concepts to finalized the proposed rule and draft environmental impact statement (DEIS). 

2 Responses to “Discussions at the 4th National Roundtable — July 2010”
  1. Fotoware says:

    A “poison pill” for this rule process seems to be the fire and insect salvage issue. It is so closely associated with climate change, water quality and quantity, resilience and restoration. No one wants to talk about it because of the promised litigation from mainstream eco-groups. THIS is THE perfect place to establish a scientifically-sensible salvage policy but, partisan politics rules that out. Unfortunately, the Forest Service doesn’t believe that dead trees burn. They’ve also decided that semi-controlled wildfires will determine the future of our forests, for better or for worse.

    Many of these ideas and solutions are based upon a forest where “unplanned human ignitions” are nearly eliminated. In fact, those kinds of fires are on the increase, with truly catastrophic results. We need a heavy dose of reality, here!

    Also, regarding Ms Lucero’s comment about tribe consultations. I’m hoping that the tribes will insist on restoring forests to historical conditions, as their track record in “creating” old growth pine forests goes back for thousands of years. Only recently have those forests “recovered their pristine qualities”, while dying in vast numbers to bark beetles.

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  2. ccairnes says:

    Please define “stakeholder”. Who is not a stakeholder? Are some stakeholder’s opinions more influential than others?

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